Saturday, May 26, 2012

I need to choose LIFE!

So I have a friend who is dying of cancer. It is in her bone marrow, her entire body is consumed with it. It is very sad and has caused me to do a lot and I mean  A LOT of reflection. In studying the Gerson Therapy: Homeopathic cancer treatment along with reflection of my own health and we all are "killing" ourselves with the crap that America calls food, I have spent the last week educating myself on food and nutrition. It's the beginning of a long process and making small changes to lead up to long-term, life-style and educational changes. I love the Raw Foods diet. I love the information. I don't feel it necessary to do any extreme of dieting. Rather, eating more raw, organic foods, reading labels and making healthier, natural choices.   As a single person, I imagine this is much easier than a married person with a family too. There, I am lucky. 

When I moved back in March, I decided not to have a microwave.This has forced me to cook. Which I like. Admittedly, I grab things on the go when life gets too busy.. which defeats my goals. SOOOOOOOOOOO, here I go! Making baby steps, but it starts with education. It's been fun... My physical fitness goal is to run. So, with my lame foot, I will start small and work my way up. Today, I'm gonna start with two blocks and go more if I feel like it won't compromise my foot. Might seem lame to some of you, but that's okay. For someone who doesn't run at all, I'll take the two+ blocks today. 

I've always known I have an "all or nothing" personality. In so many ways in life, it's terrible. So, I'm also working to get away from that. It's unrealistic for me to expect myself to start a workout regime that requires 3-4, 40 minute workouts a week when I don't do any. Baby steps, Brit... Baby steps. 

Here goes!

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DeAnne said...

Do it! If you really do change your eating habits to that of whole/raw foods, you won't even have to exercise to lose weight. Although you should just because it's so good for you're overall health and makes you feel GOOD!